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Uniqueness of the Swatch Watch

Anyone who has a clear memory of the mid 1980s in the United States knows the immense popularity of Swatch watches in those days. The name 'Swatch' comes from accretion of 'Second Watch'. These watches were originally designed as entry-level products for a reentry of Swiss watch making companies against their most fierce competitors in the 1960s and 70s, the Japanese watches like Seiko.

Key Features of Swatch Watches

Swatch watch is a brand of the renowned Quartz watches manufactured by the Swatch Group Limited. With the contriving of Swatch watch, Swiss companies realigned their manufacturing policies by adopting simple designs, using cheap materials, and manufacturing automated systems. By minimal use of components (51 components only) as against traditional watches (which use at least 100), Swatch succeeded in attracting a large number of customers by reducing costs. The making cost of a typical Swatch watch is five times less than a traditional watch.

Their fashionable look was another factor that boosted their sale throughout America. However, this did not prevail for long and they were soon out of fashion with the advent of the 90s. Then Swatch changed its image, returning to its original simplicity of designs and today it enjoys the same high likeness with which it had stepped in the watch market.

Luxury Brands in Swatch Watches

Tending to greater elegance, Swatch moved to luxury designs that are still cherished by watch lovers. These include brands like Breguet, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Rado, Omega, and others. 

Innovative Trends in Swatch Watch 

While the run for Swatch is once again adding up momentum, makers of Swatch watches are manufacturing innovative designs with advanced functions. Metal-bodied watches have appeared in the Irony Series; diving watches in the Scuba Series have come to interest scuba divers and thin watches have marked the uniqueness of the Skin Series. The stunning Papparazzi series has brought watches that can be connected to the internet to download stock quotes, news headlines, and various other types of data.

Swatch Watches Today

Entering the new century, makers of Swatch watches have realized that the priority of providing cheap watches is no more a desideratum for success. They are concentrating more on quality than cost. Swatch watches today appear to maintain a balance between the colorful and unique look and the demands of a product of class. At the moment, Swatch watch is one of the most widespread types of watches across the globe. 

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