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Jewelry and Watch Repair is a Good Profession

Keepsake, heirloom and valuable are words you can expect to hear if you work in the jewelry and watch repair business and it may takes years to become proficient enough at this type of work to be considered a master. You will also have to accept the responsibility of working with other people’s valuable items as though they were your own.

There once was a time when these were two different crafts. Watch repairs were done by one person and jewelry repairs by another. However, in many ways, the two underwent a natural integration as jewelry stores naturally started selling fine watches. People became well versed in jewelry and watch repair.

This profession requires steady hands and eyesight to be able to work with the extremely small workings of watches as well as the fine gemstones and precious metals involved in jewelry and watch repair. The slightest mistake can turn even a valuable watch in to junk and even the finest jewelry can be turned into pieces to be used for costume-use only.

Initially, the trade of jewelry and watch repair was learned by a master. One who was willing to share their knowledge and techniques so that others could continue their trade. Today, there are schools that teach jewelry and watch repair to just about anyone with an interest in learning the business.

Working with a Need-It-Now Lifestyle

Today, many people lack patience in waiting for repairs and either do not bother to have their jewelry and watch repairs done or will seek out someone who can get the job done in a hurry. One company has taken advantage of this impatience and the growing need for jewelry and watch repair professionals and opened a business providing while-you-wait repairs.

Franchising their idea in major shopping malls in larger cities, the customer can watch the experts perform jewelry and watch repair or have it done while shopping at other stores. For 22 years, it has grown successful and not all franchise owners are certified to provide the repairs. Hiring those who are trained in jewelry and watch repair has helped them grow into the business, even knowing nothing about how to make the repairs.

Schools for jewelry and watch repair are available in some major markets and for those looking for a career change, there are schools you can attend remotely using video lessons to teach the craft of jewelry and watch repair.

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