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Expect a DKNY Watch to Deliver on Style

Watches have come a long way from just being a time telling device; because every one of us needs to have at least one watch that makes a fashion statement over and above its functionality.

The Beginning of DKNY Watches

Donna Karan was acquainted with the fashion world since she was a child; daughter of a fashion model and a haberdasher, style and elegance were part of her growing up. It was of little surprise that she chooses to attend the Parsons Schools of Design however, the summer of her second year she was recruited by Anne Klein, yet another fashion icon.

Karan never made it back to school but she did become Anne Klein’s associate in 1971. Her dedication and talent brought rewards when in 1984 Donna Karan was presented with her own firm by the very parent company of Anne Klein, the Takihyo Corporation.
Donna Karan never looked back since; she took out the collection DKNY (Donna Karan New York) of fragrances, watches as well as apparel. The other two collections in watches by Donna Karan are DKNY Tech and Donna Karan Collection.

Why Choose a DKNY Watch?

DKNY watches are designed with the modern person in mind however, style and elegance is not forgotten in the process. You will find a great variety of DKNY watches that range from sophisticated and chic to sporty and casual. The affordable price tag is yet another reason why you should choose a DNKY watch or you can buy couple of them with what you would pay on another brand name watch, which offers the same quality but not the diversity.

Today life is very diverse, it takes us from being formal one minute to being sporty and casual the next; you cannot have a formal leather strap or a watch with diamonds on your wrist all the time. This is something that you can easily do with DKNY watches, have one for the office, another to rough out and one for party wear and still pay less than a very upscale watch.

Helpful Tip

Make your watch part of your daily life; let it enhance and build on to your personality. Change your watch as often as you can and stick to the one that you simply cannot do without. Check out a DKNY watch today and see which one speaks to you.


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