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Choose a Luminox Watch for Precision and Quality

A watch is not just a handy device to tell time but also a trusted piece of equipment, which will stand by you when you need it most. There are times when your life is in the hands of your watch – literarily; for example when you dive and you time your watch in order to know the exact time you have before you run out of oxygen.

What Makes Luminox Watches Famous?

Richard and Berry, two friends who were in the same profession as sales representatives got together to form The Richard Barry Marketing Group. They contacted a Swiss watch company named RBMG who developed a never seen before illumination technology and decided to market the same under an exclusive partnership with the same.

They changed the brand name of the watches to Luminox, which literarily means ‘light night’ in Greek and created their own logo of the same. They struck oil when a US Navy Seal officer approached them in order to develop a watch for the US Navy Seals to use for diving purposes on night missions. As soon as the Navy Seal dive watch launched in 1994, Luminox was an instant success. In 1999 another version of the Navy Seal dive watch was launched but this time in stainless steel.

That same year The Richard Barry Marketing Group got yet another request, this time from the Edwards Air Force base to create a watch they could wear on their bombing mission. Luminox started a partnership with Lockheed Martin Corporation in order to create a new specific to their requirements Navy watch to be worn by the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth pilots.

Luminox Watches Today

Luminox watches do not compromise on quality and technology. A Luminox watch is specifically designed from scratch in order to perform specific operations, which you can rely on in time of need. Today there are a couple of designs on the way to the market both for the US Navy and the US Air Force and if they can put their lives in the hands of a Luminox watch, anyone can.

A Luminox watch is made to depend on no matter what the situation or location; whether you are diving or flying you can count on it. If the armed forces can rely on them, isn’t that enough of a reason for you to invest in a Luminox watch?

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