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A Rado Watch for Every Walk of Life

inform us of tWhen we purchase a watch we don’t only look at it as a device to he time but also as an accessory that completes and enhances our personality. This is the reason why you cannot own only one watch as you are not always in board rooms or always out to dinner. You may be the executive by day, but the sports enthusiast on weekends and the life of the party in the night. Therefore, you need a different watch to match each occasion.

How Rado Watches Made It to the Top

In 1917, Rado manufactured watch movements only in Switzerland. Rado watches were first introduced on the market in 1957 and in 1962 produced the world’s first scratchproof watch called the Rado Diastar. Rado watches did not stop there; they were also the first to introduce scratchproof materials such as sapphire crystal, which is used today by top watch makers around the world as well as ceramics and lanthanum.

Needless to say that Rado watches enjoyed huge success around the world almost instantly, and, soon they expanded in order to make their valued merchandise available in every major city on the globe. In 1983 Rado watches joined the SMH Group, which later was renamed as The Swatch Group.

Rado Watches Today

There are a huge variety of Rado watches available today for men and women in every style and design you can possible imagine. All Rado time pieces are in fact timeless and offer a variety from where you can find a watch for the business luncheon, the gym session, the formal dinner as well as a gift for a loved one. All Rado timepieces carry one year limited warranty extended by the company to ensure what you already knew, their quality and durability. From gold and silver watches to leather straps and other varieties, Rado has you covered.

Rado watches are for every walk of life standing by and assisting you in your everyday activity in order to provide not only the accurate time as only Swiss movement watches can but also to enhance and add to your own personality and style. Visit the Rado website and check for yourself the collection that will leave you speechless with its beauty and variety. Whether is a gift or a treat for yourself you simply cannot afford not to at least consider owning a Rado watch.

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