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A Military Watch Can Survive Rough Treatment

Numerous reasons are given when people are asked why they want to own a military watch and some veterans claim it is because of the quality and durability of the timepieces. Others may need the same durability of a watch for outdoor sports or their occupation.

Persons in the armed forces needed a timepiece they could rely on for many reasons, including coordination of events, yet their military watch had to be able to withstand the rigors of strenuous outdoor activities. If used during actual battle they needed to be camouflaged so as not to give them away and yet be visible after dark.

Being water resistant is also important to a military watch and even the least expensive ones, replicas of the type of military watch used in Vietnam, is claimed to be water resistant to 99-feet. In the 1960’s, these watches were issued only in olive green but by the end of the 1960’s and into the 1970’s, they were also available in flat black, complete with flat black web wristband.

A military watch worn by special forces personnel requires special features, among them additional water resistance and most special forces diving watches resist water intrusion up to 990 feet. Its special black matte non-reflective finish is resistant to fading and discoloration, however under extreme use it can be damaged by rough contact with other metals and rocks.

Stay Hidden with Special Illumination

At night, when time is of the essence, a military watch can be helpful with tritium-coated hands that do not send out a lighted signal. For example a H3 Traser military watch, Model P6502. Its black stainless steel case and carbon fiber rotating bezel have tritium-coated hour and minute hands, hour markings and marking on the bezel for easy reading in complete darkness.

The glass is made of hardened mineral glass and it has a nice appearance during the day but virtually blends in with the night after dark. At under $300, this type watch is popular with hunters and others who feel the need to own a quality military watch.

For wilderness hikers or campers, there is a military watch with a building barometer to detect upcoming changes in the weather, as well as an altimeter and digital compass with bearing indicator to help with your navigation through unfamiliar territory. Made of aluminum and carbon fiber it is lightweight but still extremely durable and the hard mineral glass is break resistant to withstand shock.

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